The USAID Mikolo Project, funded by USAID, aims to increase access and utilisation of primary health services at the community level and to facilitate the adoption of behaviours conducive to health. The priority target of our actions are women of childbearing age, and young infants and children under five. Ny Tanintsika recipient is under the project from the second year, and implemented in 41 rural communes district of Antsirabe II, and Mandoto Betafo Vakinankaratra.


Framed in the National Community Health Policy, the USAID Mikolo project focuses on improving health by enhancing the quality of health services at the community level, and improved access and demand for these services. For this, Ny Tanintsika works with existing community structures community workers (AC) and Health Committee (COSAN).
The project works closely with local authorities through structures called « communal Committee on Social Development  » ( CCSD). This committee was established by a communal decree and brings together stakeholders in different fields existing within a common education, health, administrative and religious. The CCDS awareness communal development especially on health with emphasis on the adoption of healthy behaviors.


AC are set up in each Fokontany located more than 5 km from the basic health center. They are trained on information and family planning services, the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health, and malaria. They are volunteers from the villages and known by the people who work to make it accessible to all health services. The use of AC techniques « communication for behavior change » in awareness of the villagers to promote the adoption of healthy practices.


The Mikolo USAID project also participates in the development within household. The approach  » Savings and Internal Lending Community  » ( SILC) is one of the approaches taken by the project to help households savings groups to meet their needs. So the villagers gather to « SILC groups » set up with the support of Field Agent. These officers are from the same villages. They are trained to be trainers of members in turn and to manage savings groups. Members are of the contribution and they can borrow money with interest. At the end of a cycle of 9 to 12 months, each member gets back their savings plus a profit.