According to UNICEF Madagascar (2014),  approximately 44,000 children every year (120 a day) die before reaching their fifth birthday. They die of causes they can actually be prevented; pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea. On top of this, it is estimated that 26% of infant mortalities occur in the first months of life due to neonatal complications.




The country’s vast territory does not have enough health coverage for its entire population, plus there is a serious lack of transport and communication routes which complicates and limits access to health care. Many villages are very isolated. Remote rural areas face the problem of limited access to health care and many women and children live without basic and necessary social care. Children do not receive routine vaccinations. In addition, medical care is much more expensive than what the average income of a Malagasy person can afford. Despite the benevolent efforts of doctors and nurses, the quality of health services are generally very poor because health centres do not have sufficient resources.

Ny Tanintsika, with its partners, facilitates access to health services in rural areas…