Non-free education is one of the important factors that explains the weakness of quality of education in Madagascar. Even if the state speaks of free primary education policy, in practice, there are informal fees, often heavy, incumbent on families. The initiative of FRAM (Association of Parents) has also been set up to collect funds from parental contributions to provide additional income to non-official substitute teachers.  

Safidy, bénéficiaire de MEO
                                                                                                                                                             Safidy,  MEO beneficiary

The education of children is a pillar of development: there is no development in ignorance. The Madagascar Educational Opportunities target outgoing college students who, due to a lack of resources, can not continue their studies in high school. It aims to increase the enrolment rate until their bachelor degrees. This rate is currently very low due to the poverty of households that can not afford to send their children to school, even if they are convinced of the importance of education. Scholarships are granted for high school students and the most vulnerable families in the district of Ambalavao. Their school fees and school supplies are paid in public high schools, either in the second or first terminal.

We rely on different indicators to identify students who need to receive this support, initially and throughout high school. Recipients must achieve good results throughout the school year, or they will suspend their scholarships.


Ny Tanintsika works closely with the CISCO (school district) of the district to implement the project, particularly in the selection of beneficiary students. Moreover, our team helps students by organising free and personalised tutoring in all subjects studied. Since 2013, more than 200 students have already benefited from this support and we hope to increase this figure for next year.