Many families live below the poverty line and parents are struggling to finance schooling for their children. While teaching at public primary schools in Madagascar is free, for many families it is difficult to cover other tuition fees such as the cost of uniforms, notebooks and pencils.

Each year hundreds of classrooms are damaged or destroyed by hurricanes, heavy rain or are simply eroded over time. In terms of teaching, the quality is low and lacks competence. Currently, there has been a decline in the teaching profession due to teachers being underpaid and made in work in very basic conditions. The situation is made worse by a lack of learning materials and library resources. All these factors make it very difficult for young people to have access to a good education.


Since 2002, Ny Tanintsika has committed itself to improve the educaiton system. School facilities have been renovated or rehabilitated in order to improve the quality of education and provide a healthier and more beautiful environment for the children to learn in. As we all know, these children repressent the future of our country. We encourage students to continue their studies rather than abandoning them prematurely. Through education we aim to form young leaders. We support children from a young age to express themselves, to learn and grow, and to share their experiences with other students. We provide the means to help them understand their environment and encourage them to get involved with its protection. The same goes for their daily well-being and health; we aim to develop health infrastructures in schools.

The teaching situation also needs to be improved such that teachers can be more effective. Our support for both students and teachers help to reduce the charges borne by the parents. In this way, they can devote more time to their activities and become more involved in the smooth running of their children’s education. For Ny Tanintsika, a good education requires the involvement of three pillars: parents, students and teachers.