Madagascar is home to nearly 10 million hectares of forests inhabited by beautiful and unique flora and fauna; over 80% of Madagascar’s species are endemic. Yet more than 700,000 people living around the forests depend on the exploitation of natural resources. These resources prove critical to the population, the majority of which are very poor, and provide most of their necessities – food, firewood, timber, etc. The wealth obtained from these forest resources is currently being rapidly degraded; according to the latest data provided by the ONE (National Office for the Environment), 36 000 ha of forest are burnt or cleared each year. Environmental conservation is therefore considered a national priority

Since its creation, Ny Tanintsika has made a significant contribution to environmental conservation; particularly in the new protected area COFAV (the forest corridor between Ambositra and Vondrozo). We work with COBA who are empowered and trained in the protection and management of natural resources. The restoration of degraded forests is one of our main concerns. This activity is always accompanied by the establishment of income generating activities that respect the environment, and support for the improvement of agriculture, the main activity and source of income among households who depend on their surrounding forests for survival.