Ny Tanintsika is a Malagasy organisation founded in 2002 with support from the British NGO ‘Feedback Madagascar’, which has worked in Madagascar since 1995. The aim was to promote local accountability and a model for good governance and efficiency, with the goal of poverty reduction and environmental protection.


We started very small – just the board of administrators composing 4 people and an executive team of 3 people. But everyone had enormous goodwill and determination! This team has not ceased to grow and Ny Tanintsika’s activities expand. However, our fundamental values remain unchanged and our resolve to contribution to Madagascar’s equitable and ecological development stays firm.

Although Ny Tanintsika is responsible for carrying out Feedback Madagascar’ work in Madagascar, Ny Tanintsika is nonetheless independent and free to work with other technical and financial partners.


Our integrated approach emphasises the relationship between health, economy, the environment and citizen participation.

We promote the self-development of target populations whilst providing necessary support to them. We work in multiple sectors – social (health and education), environment (conservation and natural resource management, forest restoration and rehabilitation), local economy (promoting environmentally-friendly income generation activities) and capacity-building on management, organisation and commercialisation.